What is Stress?

Let’s get clear on stress, we cannot get rid of stress, it is something that is always going to come up.  It is how to deal with it when it comes up.  

Anxiety, Anger, Depression and many other things can bring on stress.  When this happens more often then not it can turn from acute to chronic stress.

Stress can trigger the Fight or Flight response.  The Fight or Flight response is a set of chemicals that are released in the body for when we are in danger.  It helps us and gives us the energy/power to either fight or flee in dangerous situations.  So when these chemicals are released into our bodies they are burnt off in the event of fighting or fleeing.  

For example, you are in the woods and you turn around.  “Oh Shit” There is a bear behind you.  You don’t think you turn back and start running for your life.  Those chemicals that are released, is what gives you that adrenaline rush.

When things get too stressful and we let it take control, it triggers the Fight or Flight response.  But we are not fighting and we are not fleeing, so all the chemicals that are released stay in our body.  When these chemicals live in the body and they don’t get burnt off, it creates disease and illness.  

Our bodies don’t know how to burn these chemicals off on its own. So the they become stagnant, and what happens when things become stagnant?  Things begin to grow.  Like stagnant water and things begin to grow.

In my Simple Serenity System you’ll find simple steps to regain your peace of mind. Different strategies to help you deal with the daily grind. That opens you up to possibilities of more peace, ease and joy.  I want you to be able to give the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Or if you want more clarity on yourself, we can book a free clarity call.



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