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What is Stress?

Let’s get clear on stress, we cannot get rid of stress, it is something that is always going to come up.  It is how to deal with it when it comes up.  Anxiety, Anger, Depression and many other things can bring on stress.  When this happens more often then not it can turn from acute…

My Simple Serenity System

I support professional woman who suffer from irritability, anxiety and digestive health issues. That stem from acute and chronic stress. Inside my Simple Serenity System, you’ll find simple steps to regain your peace of mind. Different strategies to help you deal with the daily grind. This will open you up to possibilities of more peace,…

Start of Something New

Welcome to The Wellness Sphere Blog! It has been a crazy couple of months and it is time for most of us to make a shift in what we are doing. For me I decided to start blogging. It was something I was thinking about for years, but I am not a good writer. My…

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